The following are independent media reviews from North America & Europe:

“Best in the west, bar none. The most spectacular setting for trophy brook trout.” ~ Fly Fisherman Magazine, Naming Fortress as the world’s best trophy brook trout destination.


“The flight into Fortress Lake is the kind of exhilarating experience that IMAX movies try to replicate” ~ Outdoor Canada.


“My first photographs were of Whitestone with a 4 pounder. Then I shot Jensen with a 5 pounder. Then Jensen shot me with a 3 pounder. I finished up by shooting Jensen and Whitestone with bookend 4 pounders. The fish were short bodied, deep and heavy.” ~ Jim McLennan. Field Editor, Fly Fisherman & Fly Fusion Magazines


“Brook Trout. BIG Brook Trout! Super Fortress Brook Trout!” ~ Grays Sporting Journal


“When I first fished Fortress Lake in 1990, the fish averaged about three pounds. When I fished it again in August, 2005, the fish still averaged about three pounds, and the big ones went six or seven. Those are huge brook trout. I don’t think there’s a better place in North America to catch big brookies. Along with the obvious attraction of the fishing, the helicopter trip into the lake is like something from an IMAX movie, and the mountain setting is utterly spectacular.” ~ Jim McLennan. Field Editor, Fly Fisherman Magazine


“Fortress Lake is one of the most memorable places I’ve visited in my angling travels, and I recommend it highly for anyone seeking the opportunity to catch a trophy – sized brook trout. If the gorgeous scenery doesn’t get into your blood, the brookies surely will!  ~ Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine


“There were so many fish it began to seem like an Alfred Hitchcock movie – one called The Fish instead of The Birds”
“The finest trout fishing lake in the world”
“The most beautiful and inaccessible lake in the Canadian Rockies… that only a few people have ever seen”
“The brook trout are amongst the largest on the continent” ~ Conde Nast Traveler Magazine


“The most serene, unspoiled, and beautiful spots on earth” ~ San Francisco Chronicle


“Many know Fortress Lake’s reputation for world-class trophy brook trout in a truly spectacular setting. It was the huge nickel bright brookies that brought me to Fortress Lake Retreat the first time. Recently, I was fortunate to return and was amazed by the level of comfort and luxury Dave and Amelia have added since taking over. On demand hot water, leather couches you can melt into after a hard day’s fishing coupled with outstanding service and hospitality. The new yurts are large, bright and spacious. The dinning room is a perfect venue for a hearty meal, stillwater lecture or watching a feature film while sipping something smooth. Come for the fishing but don’t be surprised if the comfort and service keep you on dry land!” Phil Rowley, Stillwater Author


“One of the rare, special places where the scenery, hiking, kayaking, and wildlife viewing rival the most spectacular fishing. This is the most picturesque brook trout fishery anywhere.” ~ Adventures North TV


“This is the best place in the world to fish… Bar none” ~ Outdoor Canada Magazine


“Who would have believed that there is a lake hidden high in the Rockies that has some of the best Eastern Brook Trout fishing in all of Canada?”~Outdoor Canada Magazine. 


“The scenery is nothing short of spectacular” ~ Phil Rowley, Stillwater Author


“In my travels, I can honestly say this is the most beautiful place I have ever been” ~ Colin McKeown, The New Fly Fisher TV Host.


“This is a fishery which offers perhaps the finest brook trout fishing in North America, challenging the legendary waters of Labrador and Ungava. Anglers can cast to pods of cruising trout or single out larger specimens. Crystal clear waters, perfect for sight fishing.” ~ Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine


“On more than one occasion we would be caught gazing at the splendor that surrounded us. It was fly fishing in a post card, and we had the entire lake to ourselves for the balance of the week.” ~ Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine


“Powerful, tough, and exceptional fighters. Quel poisson merveilleux!” ~ Le Moucher (France magazine)


Fortress Lake in the Media:

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